Monday, November 06, 2006

AFM - More Than Ever

Filmmaking - AFM Stats

AFM - More Than Ever

Some stats about the 27th American Film Market. This one
is better than ever. There are 435 companies exhibiting here.
They come from 36 countries, to make film, television,
raise money, spend money, lend money.

There are banks and private investors, screenings and events,
incredibly well-heeled rollers, wealthy people with full backing
of outrageously huge lending institutions, and also single little
individual filmmakers, with only a DVD of a film, or just a credit
card, or maybe not even that. Maybe just an idea for a film,
or an idea for a credit card.

They're all here, and maybe that's enough. Maybe they'll meet
somebody with a deal for them. I hope so.

This AFM is not just better, it's more, bigger, faster than ever.
AFM's like Cannes, only not French, like MiFed, only not Italian.

There is film, and it is warm like those places, and sunny too,
only it's friendly old sunny Santa Monica, and they talk mostly
English here, and I know all the best places, so I'm happy here.

I'm surrounded and enveloped by film and television companies,
financial organizations and institutions, filmmakers and their
antics, all reported commented-upon and interwoven
with media, media, media.

Attendance here is projected at some 8,400 from those
65 countries. That's 5% more than last year. They don't
really announce final numbers until it's all over,
but that's close enough.

Gotta go, I'm diving back in.


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