Friday, November 10, 2006

AFM - High-Def Audio Arrives

Filmmaking - Audio

High-Def Audio Arrives
by Angela Taylor

At the American Film Market, I experienced "AG3D," a new digital
post-production sound technology that alters the soundtrack by
modulating phase, to render greater apparent audio clarity.

Whatever it does, my ears like it. The process seems to add
depth and dimension to the soundtrack, in my opinion increasing
apparent clarity like you wouldn’t believe.

In the demonstration, I heard A-B soundtrack comparisons, with the
process switched on and off. The difference was remarkable. When
it was on, I could clearly hear water trickling, cicadas chirping,
many audio details I didn’t notice, without AG3D.

Unlike many other post-sound technologies, AG3D happens during
post, so it does not require any special playback equipment.
A film finished with AG3D can play anywhere, even one's living room.

The entire process takes about a week to complete, for the average
feature film. Visit here to find out more.


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